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Fun Holiday Crafts that Encourage Fine Motor Skills

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In need of a gift idea? Here are a few that will also work on your child’s fine motor skills.

1.) Desk Accessories

A favorite one is a tin can pencil holder.
Here’s what to do: Clean a tin can (those with the pop-top lids are good choices – some Campbell’s soup cans are like that now – or use a can opener that leaves a smooth edge to avoid injury) and allow to dry. Then, cover the outside of the can. You can either make a cover for it out of paper and draw a design on it, or you can take thick twine, cording, yarn or string and wind it tightly around the can. Top off the gift with a few new pens and pencils and a note on the bottom of the can with the name of the creator and the year.

2.) Ornaments
Another favorite is the CD ornament.
Here’s how: Use a free CD that came in the mail and cut a circle out of a piece of paper smaller than the CD. Draw a holiday scene on it and glue it to the CD. To make a hanger, hot-glued a bent paperclip to the back. Another idea is to glue family pictures to the front of the CD. The mirrored surface of the CD looks wonderful on a tree, reflecting the lights.

Another easy ornament is a popsicle stick snowflake.
Take three popsicle sticks and glue their centers together, fanning them into a snowflake. Paint them white and sprinkle them with glitter. The glitter also makes a good reflection of the lights on a tree.

3.) Plant markers. If someone in the family is an avid gardener, make them to mark their garden in the new year. Take seed packets that you planned on giving as part of their gift and scan them into the computer and print them out on heavy card stock. Take them to a local office supply store and have them laminated. Then, use rubber cement (under supervision) and glue them to large craft sticks. Line them in a flower pot with the actual seed packets, a hand shovel and some work gloves, all picked up at our local dollar store. The entire gift cost us under $6.

4.) Jewelry
If you have a child who loves beads, this is a great way to teach him or her how to turn something they enjoy into a gift for someone else. They can make something simple such as a bracelet or necklace, or they can create a beaded bookmark. Place knots about 8 inches apart on a piece of nylon string to keep the beads at either end so that the mark will sit easily in between the pages of a book. Give the bookmark along with a book for a unique and thoughtful gift.

5.) Photo frames. What parent or grandparent doesn’t love a picture? Find a favorite snapshot. The options for creating a frame for the photo are endless. Make a frame out of either of construction paper or heavy posterboard. Then, the possibilities open up from there. Cover the frame in fabric pieces, shells, twigs, stickers, torn construction paper for a mosaic look. colored sand, even glitter. Complement the photo with the colors and medium chosen.

6.)Decorative trivets. Go to your local hardware or home improvement store and purchase some simple, white tiles. Paint handprints on the tiles, and use a paint pen to place the name and date of the child. We even added phrases like Grandma’s Little Helper’s and Aunt Lynn’s Best Buddy to ours. While they are not washable, they make a great keepsake and decoration for the kitchen.

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